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Top Rated Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will find the best Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys at The Firm. When it comes to choosing a Las Vegas Personal Injury attorney, EXPERIENCE matters.

You want an attorney with a proven track record of successful litigation in the local court system. It helps when your Las Vegas attorneys at The Firm know the judges and are experienced with their rulings and decision-making patterns.

You want an attorney who is responsive to your needs and is there for you. Legal matters are often stressful and confusing. Your Las Vegas attorneys at The Firm Las Vegas will guide and direct you every step of the way.

Meet the Attorneys

Preston Rezaee, Esq.
Preston Rezaee, Esq.

Preston Rezaee Esq. is a personal injury attorney and the founder of The Firm.  The Firm is a Las Vegas focused law firm that specializes in traumatic brain injury and car accidents. Preston began his career working with two very…

Sarah Chavez, Esq.
Sarah Chavez, Esq.

Sarah Chavez is Of Counsel to The Firm, P.C. and concentrates her focus on family law and civil litigation with an emphasis on contract negotiation and dispute resolution.  Ms. Chavez, a Huntington Beach, California native, graduated from the University of…

Jay DeVoy, Esq.
Jay DeVoy, Esq.

Jay DeVoy is Of Counsel to The Firm, P.C. and concentrates his focus on civil litigation and advising clients on compliance with state and federal laws and regulations. His prior experience emphasizes the defense of business torts and intellectual property…


  • "Preston Rezaee is not a timid lawyer, he is not shy or afraid to speak his mind. He gets the job done and shows a level of professionalism that will bring comfort to a stressful situation. He takes it upon himself to make sure his clients feel comfortable and are fully aware of the process every step of the way." Click for more Reviews

    M.R. , Client

  • This is all you need to know about Preston. He gets the job done and he does it better than anyone else around. Law firms in Vegas are usually quiet with one or two people coming in a day, his firm is busy with people always coming in or out. He is a wise counselor and will get you a lot of money for your settlement!

    Click for more Reviews! 

    J. C. , Client

  • "I went to several lawyers before I decided with Preston. At the end of the day he got me the most for my settlement. Words can only go so far but numbers don't lie. Call Preston Rezaee for a consultation and I promise you won't regret it!" Click for more Reviews!

    Jamie , Client

  • Going in to The Firm was an overall enjoyable experience. Usually expect lawyers to be uptight and apathetic. Preston is very calm and is a wise councilor. I would recommend Preston Rezaee 10 out of 10 times. Click for more Reviews!

    D.H. , Client

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